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I’m not sure if I’m back. I really wanted to start fresh, but I can’t think of yet another blog name, lol. So I figued I’d put my thoughts here and see what happens.



I work my ass off and sometimes it just seems like I have nothing to really show for it.

I’m glad to see you again…

…I haven’t seen you since I don’t know when… 🙂

I know. I’m missing in action. I have no good explaination except to say that life has been busy and I haven’t had the motivation or desire to document it here.

I think life began rolling at warp speed back in September. In the span of a few weeks, I attended my cousin’s wedding in Chicago with all of my family and boyfriend. Then I had a somewhat big medical thing happen. Next came a work trip to Austin. The holidays soon followed with me spending my first holiday with my boyfriend’s family and now I find myself here – two weeks before Christmas. I see why I never try to do much in the spring – winter wears me out!

My cousin’s wedding was beautiful! Simple and elegant, it gave a little insight into their path to marriage and the love they share. My cousin is extremely quiet around the family, so to see his ‘adult’ life was sweet. The best part of the trip for me was spending time with my family and taking this first trip with my boyfriend. My parents and brother stayed at the Swissotel. Thanks to Groupon we found an amazing deal. BF (boyfriend) stayed in a separate hotel because of a late decision to travel.

From start to finish it was an amazing trip. BF and I continued to learn more about each other’s ways of dealing with life. He’s very much hurry up and go and I am slow down and savor, lol. I must say we have awesome communication with each other, so it was fun to find that middle ground. I love being with him. Just the process of getting to know one another has been so loving. We definitely take seriously the work part of being in a relationship. Not to get off subject, but I think people underestimate the work it takes to be together. Our first year together was very much about the fun part. We did tons of stuff just enjoying each other’s company. Year two together has been very much about learning more about our true lives (family, quirks, work, needs, etc.) and accepting those parts of ourselves. But back to Chicago, since we were pretty much guests at the wedding, we truly had a family vacation and I loved every minute.

The health episode, involved my thyroid. I decided to undergo a radioactive iodine treatment to address my hyperthyroidism. At 37, I didn’t want that condition to continue, even with treatment with medication. Hyperthyroidism increases the chance for miscarriage and I already have enough concerns about pregnancy at this point. Why keep this issue in the mix. The treatment was successful, but now that I’m hypothyroid agan I have to find the right level of thyroid hormone to take daily. The dose I’m on makes me feel anxious and irritable, but I think it’s working itself out. At some point I’ll hit on the right dose. I’ll go for blood work this week to see if I need to make any more adjustments. Once I see what my thyroid levels are I’ll focus on the symptoms I’ve been having. Facts first. 🙂

My visit to Austin can be summed up in two words – shopping and eating. The eating in Austin, Chicago, and Louisiana (for Thanksgiving) has created a problem with my cholesterol (always something, eh?). So that’s my health focus these days. I am getting back in the gym on a regular basis and eating very carefully. I’m good with that because I need both.

So that’s life in a quick few paragraphs. I am not really soaking in the holiday season because of work and life, but I am trying to find little ways to catch some of the holiday spirit. BF and I have Christmas stockings for each other in our homes for little surprises leading up to Christmas. I bought him a movie pass and jelly bellies (he loves candy) as his first treat. He bought me egg nog (yum!). I have a few more treats for him between now and next week, mainly a few fun things for our drive to my parents.

I’m prayerful about a few things – the health of his family members who are ill or preparing for their transition, BF’s job search, my job search, my health, and safe travels for the holidays. That’s what I will be focused on as the year ends. Lots to prepare for as the new year begins…

Awesome scarf tutorial

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf


Have you seen my ever-growing list of makeup favorites?  I am finally organized enough to keep a list that reminds me not to forget about these gems.

Here’s a MAC look using my newest favorite eyeshadow – Beauty Marked.


Face Chart courtesy of http://www.petrilude.com (don’t miss his list of makeup basics.  It was done awhile ago and I don’t see items like primer or colors I love like Beaux, but it definitely is a great list to get you started.)

My new obsession

Would it be wrong of me to fly to Austin just to get a doughnut?

Image courtesy of Gourdough’s

The Classics – Accessories

My Mom forwarded this to me today.  Such a great list!

"Mastering The Classic Nine Accessories" \\ bracelets \\ Photo: Lucky Digital Studio
What would you add?

Are you a product junkie?

I confess.  I am!

Here are a few of my latest finds…

RoC Deep Wrinkle Serum, 1-Fluid Ounces Box

ROC Deep Wrinkle Serum (for those forehead lines) 

I will report in on this one in about a month.

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner 1L (33.8oz)each W/ Pumps

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

I love, love, love this line.  One of my beauticians uses it and my hair always feels so clean.  You can see the moisture because my hair straightens when moist.  As a result, my curls are so loose!  I can’t wait to use this at home.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Hair Mask

If you’ve thought about trying this product (like I have), here’s your chance.  It’s on Amazon for $6 less than Ulta and almost 50% less than many other retailers.  I’ve always wanted to try a hair mask, so this will be my first.  My hair isn’t damaged, but I love pampering myself, and defending againt my flat iron, on those lazy days when I wash my hair.

What are your newest product finds?

Are you in style and don’t know it?

I just had an epiphany!  I was online hunting down a python pump (with purple tones please), when I remembered – duh!  I have a pair of black snakeskin boots AND matching clutch from 2008.  What?! 🙂 

So that begs the question of all of you – are you in style and don’t even know it?

I bought these boots (not the actual boot, but close) at DSW years ago, probably around 2008.  I wore them to a party here or there, but really just saw them as good deal and a match to the black snakeskin clutch I loved.  Who knew they’d be hot all over again.  That goes to show my theory – classics never go out of style.  They may fall out of favor for a second, but they come raring right back.  Classics are always a good investment!

So stock up in the off seasons! (That’s a story for another day 🙂 )

Signature Fragrance

What is your scent?  I have been a fan of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One for years.  I love the richness of the scent.  It’s warm and has depth, without having too much sweet/powdery smells or spice that might tickle my nose.

The One

My old fragrance’s included Burbery (floral oriental) and Stella McCartney (on the floral side).


After falling in love with Gucci Guilty, I’ve concluded I am a girl who loves Floral Oriental scents – orange flower, vanilla, white pepper, and sweet spices. 

Have you classified your favorite fragrances?  I think it helps with discovering new scents.  If it’s in your class of fragrance, you might just like it!